Pet Friendly

At The Joule, we know pets are family and we would never discriminate on breed, size, or species for that matter! We look forward to welcoming you and your four-legged travel companions for no additional fees.  

A Dog Lying On A Bed   A Group Of Dogs Sitting On A Trampoline   A Dog Lying On A Bed

We kindly ask that you follow the guidelines below to ensure the safety and comfort of you, your pet, and the other guests at the hotel. 
  • Guests must always keep pet(s) on a leash or in a carrier while moving through the lobby and hallways & off lobby furniture.
  • Pets are to be kept away from all food and beverage outlets, including Restaurants CBD Provisions, Midnight Rambler, Weekend Coffee, Lobby Bar, Sassetta, and meeting rooms. Service animals are exempt from this provision. 
  • The pet owner must be present while any of the hotel staff, such as Housekeepers or Engineering are in the room. For the safety and comfort of your pet, Housekeeping will enter your room only if (a) your pet is not present, (b) your pet is caged, or (c) you are present and your pet is leashed or held. 
  • A “Pet in Room” sign is provided to guests to place on the outside of the guestroom door when his/her pet will be in the room either caged or un-caged. (This sign will be provided at the Front Desk during check-in.)
  • Guests must properly remove and dispose of any litter or waste associated with his/her pet while on or around hotel premises and will only take his/her animal to the restroom off hotel premises or in designated areas. Failure to properly dispose of waste may result in a fine, at the hotel’s sole discretion, of no more than fifty dollars ($50).
  • Guests to prevent noise and any other disturbance caused by the pet.
  • Should there be any additional cleaning or repairs caused by the pet, guests will be billed accordingly and agree to pay those charges. Each guest is responsible for all charges that relate to the removal of his/her pet, including but not limited to transportation and kennel charges.

Pet owners are required to complete a Pet Acceptance Agreement Form at check-in.