A Storied Past, A New Vision About The Joule

A once dilapidated bank building, The Joule is a fully restored boutique luxury hotel that artfully integrates historic preservation with contemporary design. 


Built in the 1920s, the neo-Gothic landmark building at 1530 Main Street was originally the Dallas National Bank. It dominated the downtown skyline during a thriving era of Dallas banking and West Texas oil booms. Downtown Dallas flourished through the ’80s, but as the 20th century drew to a close, it was a shadow of its former glory.

A decade of development deals and massive renovations transformed the then-vacant bank building into a Forbes four-star boutique hotel. Aptly named after the international unit of energy, The Joule brought a charge to downtown Dallas when it opened in 2008. 

Through a series of further renovations and expansions as adjacent properties became available, The Joule has become a cultural, shopping, and dining destination—a forerunner in the renaissance of downtown Dallas.