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Whether it’s fashion, art, home design, beauty, or music/books/films, TENOVERSIX is about the experience. The focus at TENOVERSIX is about bringing a strong edit and displaying the product as art, but with a wink. Owners Joe and Kristen Cole and Brady Cunningham are obsessed with the details of good design, and go to great lengths to showcase beautiful pieces, perfect extras, and unexpected gifts. TENOVERSIX stocks a mix of highly-acclaimed, like-minded designers and brands – Chris Benz, Pamela Love, Opening Ceremony, Maison Kitsune, 3.1 Phillip Lim– to name a few, that share a love of distinctive details, quality, and stylish relevance. At TENOVERSIX Presents, art and design reign as creative pieces for gifts or personal procurement are showcased at every level.

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